How I met her??

It is said that you are not really best friends if you didn’t start with hatred or fighting. Then I must say that my relation with cooking is just the same.

Kitchen was always a “Road not taken” for me. Instant Noodles was my definition of cooking. Whenever my mom asked me to cook, I was like why do humans eat? Why do they need food thrice a day? Why can’t we be Robots? Is it a good day to fast? And god knows, what else.

When I went for my job to a new city, I with my friend stayed as a paying guest for 6 months. Now you can’t eat at a restaurant daily, nor you can survive on instant noodles for 6 months. So I couldn’t avoid it anymore and I had to cook.

Now we wanted to have a protein rich diet, so we decided on “Soya Chunks“. I looked on numerous blogs for recipe. All seemed different which made me even more muddled about “Whom the hell should I follow?

And then, I read a lot of them, mixed a bit of each of them and added some of my creativity(experiment at that point of time) because I was a hell lot confused by all those specifications. Well, what the end result was achieved was tempting and mouthwatering, may be divine. After all, it was the first time I met cooking.

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