About me

Well, I am a bit difficult to define. My name is Neha, a girl who is always on a roller coaster ride of emotions and imagination, wants to do different things, still exploring herself. I wanna read, write, cook and serve people. I wanna do counselling because I love helping and motivating people. At the same time, I wanna be best at my current profession which is Quality Assurance Engineer. Seems messy but that’s how I am.

I once hated cooking and now cooking is my hobby from the day I just did COOKINGBYCHANCE.

People say I cook really well and it surprises me every time. Writing is my old friend whilst cooking is relatively new. So I thought why not bring them both together and share my experience and recipes for you all. After all, writing a food blog is not only a way to add my own content, it is also a great way to share delicious recipes with the foodies out there, share my love for food and cooking and even become a better and more creative cook.

My food is easy to cook, totally hygienic, delicious, a bit different from regular food and loved by all. Looking forward to explore my writing skills along with cooking.

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